Surfing the Selkie Project

Photos: Dave Nickerson

We had a blast with Selkie Project in Austin. The idea of integrating performance into an installation was a challenge, learning experience, and ultimately a success. The other 10 artists in the exhibit created some amazing work: from hanging, hollow, glass mini-humans, to an explosive paper display, to a tiny wooden multi-level world. The opening was ridiculously well attended and I’d like to thank Xochi Solis of Creative Research Laboratory for all her work making it happen.

Our installation of fabric, painted wall wordscapes, sand, glass, bottles, lighting, and media was infused with voice, piano, actors, and the incomparable dance of butoh artist Caroline Sutton Clark - the missing link in our piece. Because the work is in progress, we rehearsed as performers in different groupings and at different times, adding Caroline in last - but: viola! What a treat and perfect match!

In moving forward with the project, we learned a lot about the type of multimedia we’d like to use, and I’m considering other folkloric and mythological ideas…so stay tuned! --- Misha

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