Performance Animal

Divergence Vocal Theater's Autumn Spectre Oct 2 & 3 2009
Photo: Eric Melear

Autumn Spectre went off without a hitch this past weekend. I am still so in love with this piece. Megan M. Reilly’s beautiful lighting and original films really rocked my world and the music’s power and vulnerability shocked me in an crazy-I-love-it-way. The response was tremendous and I feel confident about the artistic direction I’m taking with my collaborators. Multidisciplinary work is tricky in many ways, and at last (after three full productions) I’ve found what feels like firm footing artistically, creatively, and technically. My love of improvisation inspires me - I create a structure and “rules of play” and the performance piece then germinates - not too much control, not too little...and much, much, much trust in the process...

There were several moments during the performance that stopped my heart: I could feel the piece breathe, move, flow and transform of its own accord - it came alive far beyond the sum of its parts.


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