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Autumn Spectre color palette

I'm excited and intrigued by the mini-films Megan is creating for the performance. Her aesthetic is very different from mine, and I'm enjoying the surprise of another artist's perspective on material we're both working with. The current creative practice is affirmed, trusted: collaborative artists working independently -- then bringing the work together -- letting the hazard factor play in the artistic process is effective, interesting, inspiring...

This weekend we continue to join the puzzle pieces of dance, actor, and sitar (Toni Valle, Aaron Ray Hermes, Timothy Evers) - I think of that trio as earth and wind elementals, and the unsuspecting human...

Timothy is also writing a character for Autumn Spectre, rife with beautiful and unsettling words:

Nighttime comes too often here – and will stay far, far too long. Some days never come. Others linger – fighting the darkening sky – holding back the moon –

In other news:

Divergence Vocal Theater is now working with PR-Marketing Diva, Tina Zulu of Zulu Creative. We're sooooooo excited -- many possibilities ahead!

More news ahead....the cat is struggling to get out of the bag! (poor thing!)

Join us!:
Join us for Autumn Spectre, October 2 & 3!

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